Amayanabo -in-Council or Amayanabo-under-Bed?

Posted by 
Prince Shadrach Banigo 
April 25, 2008

Suddenly, the Island leadership disappeared. They were forced to give up their sleep to seek cover under their beds.
They did not feel as safe as before their last dinners, or maybe, they no longer have their community security of yesterday. 
They have suffered humiliation in the hands of few radicals. The kingdom was completely locked down for more than six hours. 
Most shameful of all, they experienced the looting of things they once enjoyed. 
These parade of losses was summarized by Chief A.C.S Willie-Pepple on behalf of the leadership, “as a desecration of the sacred
 and ancient palace of the King of Bonny and a slap on the age-on tradition of the Ibani people”.  Is the Amayanabo-in-Council
 questioning what is death like? Nay. Maybe, the fear of the midnight mayhem is pushing him over the hill. 

The raid was a pure duplicate of the “Battle at Coconut Estate” during the Nigeria civil war. Few ragged dressed Biafran (Ibo)
solders staged a surprised attack on the Estate and carts away indigences properties and money. They raped Ibani women and
forced Ibani men to join Ojukwu army.

Figuring out what went wrong and why can help avoid repeating the situation. Examining the causes and then working toward
change is a necessary step in dealing with community failure.
Fascination with power is an open end adventures that let leaders ride as long as they keep doing the right things.
The Ibanis does not need unproductive leaders especially in the area of community developments and social services.
When anger predominates a community, the leaderships need to do the right things in order to get it fix. 

What is important is striking a safety balance among indigences. Relying on the central government for rural security help
mean becoming totally dependent on them. The Island need community defense force. Indigences have reasons to be worry over
future happening. They have experienced terror so intense that fear is now a common way of living on the Island. They have
suffered humiliation and harassment that many would be unable to live a normal life. 
The circumstances surrounding failed leaderships varied. Dishonesty, greed and envy can contribute to failure. Competent 
leaderships are based on a decision making process. No one want a midnight raid that sent people diving under their beds,
hiding in toilet rooms or dashing for the mangrove. Indigences broken spirit may not be mended as easily BECAUSE they deserve
better community policing and protection of their properties.

Knowingly and willfully defrauded the Ibanis is a crime. The Ibani leadership must accept responsibility for the mayhem on our
beautiful Island. Blaming it on youths restiveness rather than on wayward leadership denied indigences their right to known (accountability). 

I condemned the Island leadership that robbed and loots indigences social services. I condemned the leadership that channel
the process of stealing from the poor. It's time the Ibani leadership begin speaking in term of responsibility and accountability. 

                                  IBANI HISTORY
There is a general regrets that the Ibani leadership have carried around from the past, the misgivings for their ancestors 
actions and choices. The statement, “SLAP ON AGE-ON TRADITION” by the Amayanabo-in-Council confirmed my worst fear that Ibani
leaders managed community interests from outdated models. 

With all the energies, the Ibani leadership can start something else and free the  Island from the power of the past. I fear
that the Island will still remain underdeveloped  for years to come. The midnight mayhem will repeat if the leadership in question
keep holding the INDIGENCES of the Island hostage. Leadership is by consent and obident is a by-product of effective management in any community.
This is not about unspent budget surplus that ended up in Senator Iyabo Obasanjo -Bello purse (N300,000,000). This is about a
fraud in the judiciary system.
Mr. Okah, a Nigerian should be entitled to all due process under the constitution.  The intended behind the door trial set for
Mr Okah will result to a setback in any peace progress in the Niger Delta region. The government better be prepare to face the consequence of such tribal discrimination.  

The message is clear and simple. Mr. Okah is protected under the constitution to a fair trial in open court just like any other
Nigerian. Indigences of the region will not tolerate any act of judicial surgery or  makeup that will denied him the due process of the law. 

Okah is prepare to face the Court because he believe that the fight is worth it. He may be called a rebel for now, however, there
are people who love him, a world that needs the touch, the compassion only him can provide. No amount of harassment or intimidation
on potential witnesses will stop Mr. Okah from having his rights and privileges restore . 

Omo-Ibani of Bonny