(AN ECONOMIST) - U.S.A.

                               OCTOBER 1, 2009.

In the last few months the world has been presented, a picture of Nigeria as a peace maker concerned about trouble in the Niger Delta and assured that the president amnesty granted to our men and women would begin the healing process.

However, this political rhetoric and picture perfect ceremony is in stark contrast to president Yar’Adua records. He may be talking differently as a peace maker than he did before the amnesty campaign, but his actions and records speak louder than his words.

He has promoted the use of the Armed Force as a tool to limit individual rights in Nigeria. The president relies on military principles as the basis for his administration.

Boma Green and his copilot died because they were Ijaw natives. The whole process is frustrating because at the end of this type of administrative approach, the suffering still stay. It a petty legal limbo as area natives suffering moved through unnoticed.

This is no way to help people who are struggling with most of the basic needs of life.

The evidence is overwhelming that Nigeria Armed Force under the command of President Yar’Adua enjoyed killing Ijaw natives of the Niger Delta. Mr. Yar’Adua administrative philosophy and approach to fundamental rights, is his belief that the Armed Force should bomb and kill those in civil nonviolence protects.

Technically, our men and women were forced to accept amnesty so that Nigeria can justify the killing of innocent Ijaw civilians. This represents Mr. Yar’Adua effort to get away with murders.

I strongly believe the amnesty deal is part of conspiracy targeted to defraud natives of the Niger Delta. The arrangement will silent agitation for clean environment. I am particularly saddened that the amnesty arrangement will block any hope of bringing Nigeria and their co-conspirators to justice for crime against humanity.


It is a sad happening that our gallant men and women were tagged common criminals. I am so shocked to the arrangement that painted Mr. Yar’Adua as the ‘Good Samaritan’. It is not known why our representatives agreed to such bargaining insults.

Citizens of the Niger Delta region have the right to be angered by Nigeria inappropriate handling of environmental concerns. Nigeria should start taking responsibility for their actions and stop mortgaging innocent citizens.


I have asked my girl friend if she think the amnesty arrangement hold any real promise for addressing environmental pollution problems in the Niger Delta? She answered with a big “NO,” but stated that this is required so that peace will return to the area.


My argument is strictly on method of approach. Citizens of the area have done all that is possible in the past to maintain a peaceful friendly community. My Mom and Dad died of environmental related illness. They lived on a prayer every day. Today, their Island is considered the Southernmost province of the Hausa, the Ibo and the Yoruba of Nigeria.

Our youths did not create the Niger Delta mess. Sending Nigeria Armed Force into the mangrove was the president’s most undeniable mistake. Lots of anger in the region over violent created by the Armed Force on Ijaw lands and waterways.

Bravo for the men and women of the Niger delta freedom fighters for their sacrifices. Thanks for taking a stand to defend our right when criminals in government authorized the use of deadly force upon our people.

You sent a strong warning to Nigeria that unnecessary violation of our right of existence in the area will not be tolerated. I applaud the efforts of these men and women involved in bringing awareness to the region. It is inspiring to see how our brave boys and girls take a stand defending indigenous values.

Our intension to seek peace not war must not be misinterpreted as weakness. It has nothing to do with fear or intimidation. Our brave men and women have changed the way Nigeria prey upon our values. It’s much safer now to be identifying as Deltans.

I hope this issue can finally be resolved. As I have previously stated, lack of trust is a major obstacle for peace in the area. I believe Nigeria can do more to stop the abuse of our lands and waterways. We need honesty empowered by service delivery.

The Yar’Adua government must stay relevant to openness, fairness and accountable to the region natives. Nevertheless, the amnesty agreement must be observed.


Shame upon the so-called royal houses of the Niger Delta for accepting bribes from the government and served as double agents against our men and women.

They conspired with the Armed Force to bomb indigenous lands and waterways. Such activities complicate area natives’ efforts to exposed tribalism in Nigeria.


Their unfaithful approach, show how shallow their understanding of suffering in the Niger Delta. How can they swapped their cousins BLOODS for economic goods

 Their provocative behaviors threaten Ijaw communities along the Delta Tributaries. Apparently, they were not aware that many leaders before them have sacrifice their lives to move Niger Delta issues forward.

I discussed my feeling with Ijaw natives abroad, and we agreed that justice must be served for such a dishonest services and crimes of violence against indigenous interest. Royal functions, like all other functions are predicated on discipline.

Damned royal houses with their disgusting behaviors and bully tactics. They are arrogant and completely ignorant of needed services for their communities. Moreover, they lack the pertinent knowledge or skills to manage their kingdom.

                                BONNY JETTY.

Amachi Rotimi, here he goes again. His action reflects exactly what has long been my worst fear.

It is my understanding that Amachi and his gangs of criminals created the fear factors in Rivers State that pushed businesses over their limit.

The poor handling associated with South Africans traveling to Bonny Island (my hometown) has nothing to do with discrimination. My review of the related facts shows it was a risk management approach rather than a race issue.

However, poor communications between the management of the service provider and the South Africans backfire. How can Amachi who is out of touch with humanity claimed to be a Saint.

The former mile III (man-must chops) resident expressed hostility to the fundamental rights of Ijaw natives that gave further indications that the amnesty program may not work in Rivers State.

I am not asking fellow Deltans to embrace radicalism. However, we must take a stand on important regional issues that affect or questioned our existence in the region. As owners of the region, we are all called to the struggle by emotions and services