(October 1).


 Although it has been forty-seven years since Nigeria gain independence, lack of job creation and unemployment has brought about economic instability in many tribal regions.


The gap between the rich and the poor continue to widen at a significant speed.  Moreover, politicians funded fraud and corruption viciously attack citizens sense of freedoms.


Since independence, each leadership style does have a profound effect on the citizenry sense of democracy.


What happens in the next four years will define Nigeria as President Yar’Adua continue to emphasize the importance of ETHIC in good governance.


I hope that the Yar’Adua government will accelerate action against those that indulges in stealing public goods for a selfish end (EFCC).


Ole, Ole, Ole, “Thief”, “Thief”, “Thief” and the Nigeria House of Representative rumbled. I appreciate the House’s strong stand on war against corruption. However, Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Etteh, the Hon. Speaker of the House of Rep deserved a fair treatment. In her opening statement to the House Committee investigating the N628, 000,000.00 contracts, Mrs. Etteh pointed out the rudeness and cautioned members when she said, “No body has the monopoly of violence”. What does this mean? The Speaker wants a due process so that she can review her leadership functions with ethical deliberation. She was begging a chance to present and defend her side of the story that triggered the accusation.


I honestly believe that the House can have a coherent debate on the issue without getting physical. It seems a mistake was made because due process was not followed. However, the idea is not to blame but to let Madame Speaker sink deep into her recollections of what actually went wrong.


Ignorance of the legislative functions is no defenses for poor performance. Nigerians are worried about the ugly fighting among House members that sent negative images around the World.


Such a behavior illustrates the arrogance arising from their inherent undisciplined selves. It is an insult to start calling the Speaker a thief. Madame Speaker is innocent until proved guilty. It is on records that Nigeria (Africa) women in predominantly men functions fall into such harassment.


I am sure Nigerians knew the men would do any thing to oppose the new leadership of the House. Frankly, it’s astonishing what influence men with colonial mentality still have in Nigeria (Africa).


In a recently concluded tribal convention in the U.S, a female speaker was harassed (walkout) because she dares to speak up in defense of social freedom and personal liberty in a Nigerian State. Later, with their media, the walkout insult became the only notable accomplishment of the 13th convention.


However, no one takes questions nor discusses why the organization failed to monitor progress on a stated communiqué in the last twelve years. A state governor pointed out the loophole during his speech. Any surprise by such disclosure. The answer is no. It’s a man’s world.


It’s a pity a huge gap still exists between men and women in Nigeria (Africa). If the House intend to succeed and bring back peace that had hit the skids, members should strive to maintain civility. “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”. (Albert Einstein)





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Prince Shadrach Banigo Sr.