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Prince Shadrach Banigo Sr.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


No, the efforts to peaceful resolutions in the Niger Delta have not gone by the wayside. They fall victim to retaliation and leadership meltdown. A comprehensive investigation into the role of royal houses in the Niger Delta reveals an embarrassing pattern of economic and social harassment on indigenes.


It's shocking to see how the government was able to manipulate and turned the Delta leaderships into praise singers who methodically became brothers and sisters worst enemy. It's unfortunate, every time brother or sister gets kill; these royal bullies see an excellent opportunity to fatten their bank accounts.


The Niger Delta social and cultural settings are now history because some royal houses (custodians) are demonstrating a "BEGGER" leadership style. For “those who would sacrifice freedom for a little security deserve neither.”---Benjamin Franklin. It is a tribal shame for royal fathers of the Delta region to joint the Hausa, the Fulani, the Yoruba and the Ibo in suppressing brothers and sisters fighting for their rights and freedom.


Major General Lawrence Ngubane had better watch his statements on the Niger Delta issues. Indigenes are determined to spring their blood defending their rights and freedom. It's on records that Nigeria human right records are a total shame. We remember the locked-up of Dr. Judith Asuni. It is now known that government over-reaction may have been the only reason for her arrest.


I am a strong opponent of military intervention in the Niger Delta. The tragedy for such tactic is, now, instability and I'm afraid the Nigeria economy will suffer. “Despite its oil riches, the vast majority of Nigerians remain impoverished, living on less than $1 a day”. –Dulue Mbachu.


The Niger Deltans will not tolerate Military dictatorships. It's disappointing the army blamed Vice President Jonathan Goodluck for holding meeting with indigenes. I believe Nigeria needs more of such high level meeting in order to achieve lasting peace in the region.


The Vice President does not need a military security detail when meeting indigenes. The police force takes care of such business. The Vice President held meeting with indigenes on the issues of Niger Delta environment (OIL POLLUTION & GAS FLARING), unemployment and education. He discussed how indigenes could get redress from Nigeria for past discriminations. The Vice President was home with his people and safe. So what are your concerns, general low rank?

Nigeria government does need extraordinary measures to correct the wrongs in the region. I pray that the blood of our brothers and sisters that spring the street of Port Harcourt (Omehia & Co), the great waterways of the Niger Delta and their mangroves help Nigeria find healing and renewal.


There are several comments and opinions regarding the laziness of the Niger Delta indigenes. However, time after time, I do see the lack of correlation between most of their points and arguments. It's important that they follow the news. Their information sources are too far from the realities of events in the region.


Sadly, their insults followed tribal lines. Obviously, these commentators have some personal problems or issues they need to deal with. I believe our enemies do have a choice: Just simple, get out of the region rather than meddling on indigenes rights and freedom. The issues are about humanity (clean environment) and the right to seek redress for past discriminations rather than money.


It's a concerned that the tribes of the region have no privileges and was required to sacrifice their rights for the Hausa, the Fulani, the Yoruba and the Ibo. It's a concerned that some royal fathers of the region collaborated with multi national corporations and the army to murder innocent civilians.


I believe the indigenes of the region have the need to defend their rights of ownership. I believe it is a task for indigenes to fight for their freedom. “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritances; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people,” wrote Governor Ronald Reagan in 1967. Again, I appeal to the GOVERNMENT to abolish the land use decree law in order to begin the healing process.



What's the cry about AFRICOM? Why picking on President Yar'Adua for standing behind the program (U. S. AFRICAN COMMAND BASE). Bonny, my Family Island has the resources to accommodate such base. Beautiful beachhead, closed to international waterways ( Atlantic Ocean ), availability of oil for mobility and God fearing folks (90% Christian). I believe the arguments against AFRICOM on Nigeria soil are weak. The base will create job opportunities; provide advance military training for our boys and girls in uniforms plus inter-action in a multi-cultural environments. Moreover, Nigeria will get free advance weather forecast and help for her space program.


GOVERNOR AMAECHI: Sign of relief?

It appears some Ikwerre sons and daughters were shocked to find out that the Supreme Court agreed with Amaechi that he was anointed by his god to govern Rivers State . Before the settlement between the cousins, the Ikwerre community at home and abroad have done their best to derail Amaechi attempts to regain what he believed was stolen from him by PDP gangs.


These Ikwerre sons and daughters were more concerned out of passion for their community values rather than the rule of law. You may have come across headline like these: “Amaechi, Victim of Immaturity” or Amaechi's action is embarrassing Ikwerre groups in the Diaspora”.


Well, Nigeria is in a new direction. Now is the time for Ikwerre sons and daughters to start the real celebration.


We all know that it is a myth that investigating a cousin feeds pain. Because other cousins (Ikwerre sons and daughters) share in the pains process, they are subjected to the agony of the grieving, the anguish of the hurting, and the sense of community failure.


However, upholding the rule of law and be receptive to the divine presence of his god (anointed to be governor) means letting Omehia account for his stewardship to the people of Rivers State. The more concretely and tangibly Amaechi move his stewardship outside the cousin myth, the cleaner his statements could be trusted.


Some of the revelations on Omehia last day as Chief Executive of Rivers State are shocking. However, no one knew why and when Amaechi realized that, “clarification became necessary “ in dealing with Omehia. Rivers State needs leaders who will not take sides.


The office of the governor must not be for the weak, crybabies or for the faint hearted. Maybe, Amaechi need people who will listen nonjudgmental to his feelings. I wished the governor would quit moping around. If he keep avoiding answer seeking and problem solving in his stewardship, he may soon discover how he neglected to protect Rivers State interest and citizens trust.



We lost OUR favorite son - a true son who helped Africanized our music taste. I have been to his shows. At each time, I saw a very confident, warm-hearted and God fearing individual. I was overwhelmed by feeling on such barbaric acts on our treasure. Africannight party meant to be celebration of his music now is party of tears. It's likes a small service of remembrance any time I played his song. I cried for reassurance that the news was not true. Although Dube was unable to avoid “the Valley of the shadow of death,” I believed the good Lord was with him there. Africa is our home. We must continue to roll. We missed bro. Dube.

Happy New Year plus God's Blessing.